Trace your krill oil back to the origin

Vitakrill krill oil is traceable to its Antarctic waters origun

When we say our krill oil is 100% traceable all the way back to the origins in Antarctica, we mean it.

Our custom built krill-harvesting vessels record the exact location of each krill catch which is associated with each batch of krill oil produced. This means that when you buy krill oil from us, you can be assured that we know exactly where each softgel capsule comes from.

The batch or the lot number is the serial number - usually found on the bottle cap of your Vitakrill softgels, next to the expiry date. Enter that number in the box below and find out exactly where your Superba Krill oil came from!

Vitakrill™ is a premium quality pure Antarctic krill oil supplement that provides a range of health benefits for you and your loved ones. If you don't have your bottle of Vitakrill premium softgels, here you can order your bottle of Vitakrill™ 3 Hearts Antarctic Krill Oil Omega-3.




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